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Diamond Sight Systems


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Special and unique to Ingenious Gun Works, is the use of a patented design application of faceted diamonds for sight systems. Our company has a special relationship with RW Manufacturing Co., a jewelry manufacturer of unparalleled abilities and international reputation.


Together, we have applied the beautiful effect of natural diamonds with the features of 3 dot sights on handguns. The resulting sights combine the desired quick visual pickup of the "dots", with enhanced beauty, quality and value. 


Testing has proven the rugged design of the Diamond Sights.


We are able to install diamonds into a variety of sights. As long as the sight has enough material to accept the insert.  We know that many customers have favorite pistols and would like to upgrade with diamond inserts.  Installing diamond inserts into your cherished pistol can be started with an email to us about what you have.


Please consider having us install a new set of sights with diamond inserts into your pistol or order a set and install the sights yourself. Dealer and gun shop inquiries are welcome.

We are able to supply diamonds for sights manufactured for us by AmeriGlo and Kensight.  Any sights that these companies manufacture for Tritium inserts can be adapted for our Diamond inserts.

We are currently working on two standard sizes, with Front Sights available with Non-Diamond rear sights or Diamond rear sights as desired.

**Front sights "only" are also available with Diamonds inserted. Please contact us.​**


  • Gem Quality White Clear Faceted Diamonds

  • Testing has proven the rugged design of the Diamond Sights.

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