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American Classic Arms, LLC. was created in 2015 by two entrepreneurs to bring to the firearms market patented new and exciting innovations.

The first of these are two patent pending products developed for the model 1911 pistol designed by John Moses Browning. They are the 1911 2nd GEN Barrel Bushing and the 1911 2nd GEN Hammer and Sear.  These two innovations are designed as replacements for the existing components.


Their unique qualities are engineered to set a new higher standard for the 1911.


We are also the originators of new enhancements to add beauty and value to firearms.  The original creations shown on this website are but a taste of things to come.  Diamond sights, jeweled inserts, and more are all possible on your firearm.  If you seek a special design, we know that working together, we can make it happen for you. Our team is unmatched in ability, experience, and passion.


Our products will start a trend in the industry where we are the leaders, copied, but never equaled.

We are a small company in overall size, but what we can do is unmatched. In founding this company we established our fundamentals first. A team exists now that starts with CAD designers, high end quality manufacturing able to provide anything we can think up, firearms experts in gunsmithing, polishing, finishing, and world class jewelry manufacturing. Our key element is the passion everyone here has to be the best, because it is what we love. 

1911 2nd Gen Hammer & Sear

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