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1911 2nd Gen Bushing

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Product Details

The original design of the barrel bushing was given a loose fit to the barrel. This was to insure function in bad field conditions such as mud or sand. Over the decades as the pistol received attention from gunsmiths and succeeding manufacturers this fit was tightened up to aid in accuracy, but leaving it vulnerable to failure in the field.

Our design uses a unique spring system that provides a match fit between the bushing and barrel while it's openness between contact points prevents binding on grit, sand, or dirt/mud. Even with a worse case failure of the spring or the loss of the spring the pistol is still fully functional. The design will work on any standard 1911 barrel without need for fitting or gunsmithing of any kind. While proper lubrication is always desired, the 1911 2nd GEN bushing will function equally well without any.

Tech Specs

  • The Silicon Chrome springs are coated with Nickel Boron Nitride for protection and lubricity.
  • Includes a custom bushing wrench for both standard and IGW bushings.
  • Currently available in 303 Stainless Steel only
  • Fits all 1911 slides with standard dimensions
  • Silicon Chrome heat treated spring wire
  • Spring wires are replaceable at any time without tools
  • Unique spring system that provides a match fit between the bushing and barrel
  • Independent testing has proven match grade performance with the same results compared to a tight fit match bushing
  • Works with any OEM barrel - **Will NOT work with Bull Barrels**
  • Commander size bushing ***AVAILABLE NOW***
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