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To purchase the following items, please contact us by reaching out to us through our contact form by clicking here. We will work directly with you to make your design ideas come to life!

Custom Inserts


The most touching service we provide includes encapsulating a small sample of cremains into the desired insert with a design and sentiments for a loved one.  These inserts may be placed in the steel, the wood stock or grips.  Great care and attention has been given to this process to ensure that it is respectful and dignified. RW Manufacturing Co., is the leader in providing jewelry that fills this special choice.  


In a situation where a special item such as a lock of hair can be placed into an insert we will gladly discuss making this happen.

Ingenious Gun Works, has the great fortune of exceptional talent regarding finishing, refinishing, or applying beautiful additions to firearms.  What we can provide to the customer is unlike any service prior to our establishment and will create a new trend that others may follow but never equal.

  • If you have a firearm new or used that you wish to have embellished with one of our designs or your own we can make it happen.

  • We can manufacture and install any design as an insert into your firearm restricted only by the room we have to work on.

  • Inserts can be manufactured from a variety of metals, precious metals and may include precious gemstones if desired.

  • Jewelry that matches what you desire on your firearm is also available.

  • An individuals image or that of a beloved pet can be created to accent a firearm.

  • In most cases the steel surfaces will require refinishing, and we include this as part of the process where you get to choose from a factory level refinish to high end finishes.


Many of us are or have friends and relatives that have served in the military. Individual orders that include military logos, unit badges, campaigns, battles, service locations, and much more to honor an individuals service is proudly available.


Due to the disdain held by the current Federal Administration of the US Armed Services, it's members and veterans a policy has recently been put in place that prevents any marketed product identified as a weapon to be sold Bering any US Military logo or trademarked image.  They basically trademarked everything imaginable.  As such, we can not show, nor provide a product line with any of these images.  However, on an individual basis we may provide what you desire regardless of the restrictions. The restrictions do not apply on an individual order basis only on production items and marketed items.

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