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1911 2nd Gen Hammer & Sear

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Patented engineering is the essence of the Ingenious Gun Works Hammer and Sear and take advantage of new geometries to eliminate the weaknesses of the John Browning trigger.  Our Sear has a concave surface for the Hammer to engage with its convex “knuckles”.  The position of engagement and the proportional distances are a completely different geometry.  Our engaging surfaces and this new geometry creates a trigger engagement like no other.  As the trigger is pulled the engagement is released between the Sear and Hammer when the critical force needed is reached.  We have no creeping release trying to move two parts by physically clearing the sear from a hard blocked ledge on the hammer. The IGW system is absolutely consistent  having the same exceptional feel in every pistol needing only the installation of the parts.  This is not true with current components that WILL feel different when switched into any other 1911 pistol.


The IGW Hammer and Sear when cocked engage at a location where the force of the Hammer is applied on the Sear directed at the Sear Pin.  The more force applied the stronger the engagement.  There is no rotational moment applied against the Sear.  Should for some reason the Hammer and Sear fail to engage or release without the trigger being pulled the edge at the tip of our Sear is provided to engage the safety/half cock notch of the Hammer as they are part of the design strictly for this purpose having nothing to do with the trigger.  If the Hammer does fall onto the sear into the Hammer’s half cock/safety notch it cannot damage the sear edge as ours is only provided for this purpose and has nothing to do with the trigger engagement.


Continued use of the Hammer and Sear can only improve the feel as our parts wear in not out.    We start with an outstandingly good trigger and have been delighted to find that as difficult as it can be to feel, the best shooters working with us believe it only gets better.


Please note that unlike any other hammers and sears ours do not need a “TRIGGER JOB!”  There are no surfaces to stone or angle and fit together with expensive jigs.  Install our components and you are DONE!  Given that you have properly installed quality parts to complement our Hammer and Sear all the safeties and functions will work correctly.  AND, unlike anyone else’s you can swap out our components into other 1911s and get the same outstanding match trigger!Trigger weight is adjustable with modification of the sear spring as in all 1911’s.



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  • The Hammer & Sear are Nickel Boron Nitride coated for surface protection and lubricity.  There is no need to oil or lubricate, the components function best clean and dry.

  •  This unique design allows the Hammer to fit with standard or Beaver tail grip safeties.

  • 4140 Stainless Steel

  • Heat treated to 50 RC prior to cutting.

  • Form cut using state of the art wire EDM processes.

  • Black oxided hammers are available on request.  They will not be coated w/ NBN however, there is no change in performance, as the sear will still be coated.


Rob from Rochester, NY:

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy I am with your Gen2 Hammer and Sear. 

I shoot USPSA with my 1911 Colt Competition 9mm here in N.Y. and thought I was happy with it's performance until a friend suggested I try your Gen2 Hammer and Sear. 
I put it in about 2 months ago and it was so easy to do.  Let me tell you I can not believe how smooth the trigger feels now, like butter smooth. 
It improved my performance, accuracy and as a end result my scoring tremendously. 
I want thank you for such a great and durable product that actually lives up to it's advertising. 
This is where I would say I will be sure to show this to my friends, BUT I might want to keep this to myself to keep the advantage it gives me..  LOL

Thank you, 
Rochester, NY   

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