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1911 2nd Gen Bushing


The patented IGW Barrel Bushing system which is currently marketed for Model 1911 full size and commander standard profile barrel pistols is a simple and elegant solution for the desire to improve accuracy. Since the early days when the 1911 was used by competitive shooters, gunsmiths have worked to improve accuracy.  As barrel manufacturers began to make match replacement barrels they started to develop match bushings that required fitting.  A good job fitting a match bushing to a good match barrel shows results in every 1911 for accuracy improvement.  There are weaknesses in this process that we overcome.


The IGW Barrel Bushing uses a polygonal spring that is retained in a groove in the face of the bushing.  The design of the spring’s profile provides a spring loaded point of contact against the barrel on the center of each of the polygonal legs. These spots give sufficient spring pressure located around and against the barrel to ensure that the barrel is returned to the same location every time.  When we say every time we mean EVERY TIME!  Think about it, as a pistol is shot it gets hot and hotter.  A tightly fit bushing will fit differently as it goes through this heating process.  The lubrication on the barrel will also change as it goes through this cycle. The barrel and the bushing change how they come together and seat as the heat builds up – fact. 


The IGW Bushing doesn’t care about this, as this does not change how the spring and the barrel come together, regardless of cleanliness and changing heat or lubrication.  The other enhancement of the IGW system is that it is not the tightness of the fit creating consistency and the pistol has less restriction in the cycle of function.  Repeated comparison testing has shown that our Bushing will either improve accuracy or equal the best match fitted bushings. During our testing we covered our barrels with baked on mud, sand and dirt which would seize up tightly fit bushings, but the IGW Bushing still functioned flawlessly. Guess what it takes to fit ours – NOTHING!!! The IGW Bushing simply goes into the pistol without fitting of any kind.



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  • The Silicon Chrome springs are coated with Nickel Boron Nitride for protection and lubricity.

  • Includes a custom bushing wrench for both standard and IGW bushings.

  • Currently available in 303 Stainless Steel only

  • Fits all 1911 slides with standard dimensions

  • Silicon Chrome heat treated spring wire

  • Spring wires are replaceable at any time without tools

  • Unique spring system that provides a match fit between the bushing and barrel

  • Independent testing has proven match grade performance with the same results compared to a tight fit match bushing

  • Works with any OEM barrel - **Will NOT work with Bull Barrels**

  • Commander size bushing ***AVAILABLE NOW***

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