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I have been an avid 1911 fan for many years and have always been impressed with the fit/finish and accuracy from higher end models. Along the way, I added a Rock Island 1911GI in .45acp. While I was impressed with the value for the money, the performance and fit just wasn’t quite up to that of my Sig’s and Kimber’s. Fast forward and I happened to come across the IGW hammer/sear and barrel bushing kits and thought to myself, I have the perfect candidate in the RIA 1911 for these upgrades. Both Kits were perfectly drop in compatible with no special tools required. Once I took my upgraded 1911 to the range, the improvements were incredibly clear. The trigger had transformed into something wonderful, with a crisp break away and reset with a steady trigger pull weight. The improved fit from the barrel bushing was noticeable upon lock back and cycling of the firearm. Any looseness and wobble that was present with the previous bushing was now gone. The combined benefit of the crisp/predictable trigger along with the improved barrel fit paid dividends in the form of noticeably tighter groupings down range. My budget 1911 now felt and performed as well as my others costing 3-4X as much. Hands down these are the best 2 improvements I have found for my 1911.

-Jeremy F.

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